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  • Air Duct Cleaning
    How Do I Know if I Have Indoor Quality Issues?
    When is the last time you thought about your indoor air quality? Due to the push for improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills, most modern homes are extremely airtight. This means that indoor and outdoor air do not merge unless a door or window is opened.
  • Cold Indoors
    Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

    Your heating system is blowing cold air. It's starting to feel as cold inside as it is outside. If your furnace is blowing cold air, you could have one of several HVAC problems:

    The Thermostat Isn't Set to the Right Temperature

    Someone in the house may have adjusted the thermostat. Take a moment to check it. Make sure it's set for heating, not cooling. Verify the thermostat is set to the desired temperature. You wouldn't believe the number of HVAC calls we get where the only problem was a thermostat not set properly.

  • Humidifier
    3 Benefits of Having a Humidifier this Winter
    Humidifiers can help you be healthier, breathe better, sleep better, and even help your wood furniture to stay looking its best. If you want to make a great overall investment, we can help you find the right humidifier for your needs.
  • 5 Common Myths
    5 Common Myths About Your Home Heating System

    You can't live without heat during the cold Illinois winter. As a smart homeowner, you're probably always on the lookout for ways to save on your heating bills. There's a lot of good information out there. However, there are some myths out there that could end up costing you. Let's look at five common myths about your home heating system.

    Myth #1: Keeping the thermostat at the same temperature all day saves money.

  • Thermostat Problems
    4 Common Thermostat Problems You Need to Know

    Thermostats come in four different forms which are non-programmable, programmable, Wi-Fi, and smart. At their most basic level, they all allow you to set the desired temperature for your home. They all tend to have common thermostat problems from time to time that you need to be able to deal with so you can get back to enjoying the heat your system provides in those cold winter months.