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Heat Pumps

For new installations, we choose Trane

We Service All Makes and Models of Heat Pumps

Robert Bair Plumbing, Heating & Air services have a dedicated, licensed team that commits to providing energy-efficient furnace/heating services with the quality, precision, and reliability you can count on. We offer heater/furnace installation, heating maintenance, and repair, ranging from equipment installation, routine inspection, repairs to heating system overhauls and replacements for higher energy efficiency usage. Our ready-to-go trucks mean we’ll arrive at your home or office with the parts necessary to service you immediately.

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Trane Heat Pumps
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How it works:

Heat pumps consist of an indoor unit usually referred to as an air handler and an outdoor unit, similar to an air conditioner. Heat pumps move heat instead of creating heat. Heat pumps utilize a compression cycle refrigeration system that transfers heat energy into or out of a controlled space.

The heat pump compression cycle can be reversed so that these units can heat and cool, depending on the season and your comfort need. Heat pumps are powered by electricity and are very efficient. However, heat pumps use a heat transfer system, so they are best suited for moderate climates. Areas that experience colder winter temperatures will need a supplemental heat source.

The tech showed up well within the window given and I really liked the fact that you called me to let me know he was on the way… he thoroughly explained the problem and what needed to be done, as well as suggestions as to keeping from this happening again.