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Air Quality

Maintaining the right humidity levels in your home does more than keep you cool. Homes with high humidity levels can easily fall victim to mold growth, even if your HVAC unit is running at full capacity.

This is where dehumidifiers come in. In some cases, however, there may not be enough humidity to go around. This is a job for humidifiers. The air we breathe in may seem pure, but you won't know for sure unless you have an air cleaner.

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Indoor Air Quality
Air Quality

Breathe in Cleaner Air

Humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air cleaners are all extremely beneficial devices, each with their own unique functions. But how do they work? A humidifier adds heat to the room. A dehumidifier removes the humidity from the air, and an air cleaner purifies the air by removing the contaminants that float in the air.



Air Cleaner

Dehumidifiers are mainly used in areas that have humidity levels up to 50 percent higher than relative humidity. There are various types of dehumidifiers ranging from small to large.

Small dehumidifiers work best in smaller rooms of the house and large dehumidifiers are best suited for larger areas.

Humidifiers are the exact opposite of dehumidifiers. Instead of removing humidity, it adds to it. Humidifiers are mainly used in places where dry air is prevalent. Dry air can cause the humidity levels to drop below 35 percent of relative humidity. Similar to dehumidifiers, humidifiers come in many forms ranging from small to large. Furthermore, our HVAC service offer humidifiers that can be directly attached to your unit.

Similar to air filters, air cleaners collect contaminants such as mold spores, dust, dirt and dander.

Here are a few benefits that come with an air cleaner:

  • Removes allergy and asthma triggers
  • Wards of respiratory illness by trapping cigarette and tobacco smoke
  • Eliminates radon gas
  • Reduces the levels of carbon dioxide


Knowing how to improve your air quality can be tricky. At Robert Bair Plumbing Heating and Air, improving indoor air quality is what our HVAC professionals do best. Contact us today at (630) 964-1700 for service and installation. If you would like to schedule your next service, click here!

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