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Indoor Airflow

Why Is Air Balancing Vital For Your Home?

Your home has a cubic feet per minute (CFM) number. This is the amount of cubic feet of air from your heating and air system. This helps to maintain an even temperature in your home. When the CFM in your home is correct, you will not notice any temperature difference in your home. There will be no cold or too warm spots in your home. When you have your HVAC system installed, it should be the right size. If it's not, it can create a problem with the air balance in your home.

Signs Of Unbalanced Air Flow in Your HVAC System

When you have unbalanced air flow in your home, there will be many signs. These include:

  • Increased energy bills. Air balance issues will cause your HVAC system to struggle to keep the right temperature. This will cause your unit to run more than what it should, which will contribute to higher energy bills.
  • Cold or hot spots. When your system has an unbalanced air flow, you will notice that some of your rooms may be colder, or hotter.
  • Not enough air flow. You may notice that there is not enough air flow coming out of your vents.

It is important to make sure that if you are having any of the above problems, that you call out an HVAC professional. They can come out to make sure that you have a balanced air system.

How To Improve Air Balance Issues?

There are several things that you can do to help improve air balance issues, and they include:

  • More vents. In some cases, you can fix air balance issues by adding more vents in the room where the unbalanced airflow is.
  • Insulation. You should check your insulation to ensure that they are at the right levels for air balance. If air flow is an issue, you may need to add more insulation.
  • Windows. You may need to upgrade the windows in the room with the unbalanced air. Poor quality windows can cause issues with air flow loss and even heated and cooled air loss.
  • Duct size. If you have the wrong sized ducts, this will cause an air balance issue throughout the house. You will need a heating and cooling professional to come out to see if your ducts are the right size. If they are not or they have holes in them, you could be losing your airflow. Getting them repaired or completely replaced is imperative. Over time, reduced air flow can cause wear and tear on your heating and air conditioning unit. This causes it to reach the end of its lifespan quicker.

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If you think your home has issues with improper air flow, please call Robert Bair today. Our team of HVAC professionals will come out to take a look at your system. We will make sure that your duct is the right size and go over your system well to find any air balance issues.