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Types of HVAC Systems

Types of HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are designed to offer thermal comfort to occupants in a building and also improve indoor air quality. HVAC systems are used in different buildings such as commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The choice of HVAC systems in a building will depend on the climate and the individual preferences of the building's occupants. The following are types of HVAC systems you need to know:

Heating and cooling split systems

The most common type of HVAC systems installed in buildings is the heating and cooling split systems. This type of HVAC system has a cooling system outside to cool air and blow out hot air. This system also has a heater that uses gas to heat the house. They are placed outside residential homes to run during the hot summer. These systems are also found in commercial buildings because they have humidifiers to keep the workplace comfortable.

Zoned HVAC systems

A zoned HVAC system is a cooling and heating system that uses dampers and valves to regulate and redirect air to specific places in your house. Zone systems are ideal for residential homes because most homes have a room that is either too hot or too cold, and house occupants have different temperature preferences. Zoned systems increase comfort throughout the home. A commercial zoning system will allow you to separate a business location into separate zones to receive heating and cooling separately from surrounding areas.

Duct free systems

The duct-free system is also called a mini-split system. This is an HVAC system with individual units in different rooms. These HVAC systems are ideal for new additions in homes because of their independent control and simplicity in installation. These units are used in commercial buildings with businesses such as hotels; to allow occupants to control specific conditions and temperature. Duct-free systems conserve energy since rooms that are not being used are not using the HVAC. These systems need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Hybrid split system

A hybrid split system is similar to the multi-split system, but the key difference is it has an electric hybrid heating system. The hybrid split system is becoming popular because it mitigates energy costs. This system gives you the ability to switch between gas power to electric power, thus allowing you to choose how you want to heat your home. Hybrid split systems are installed in residential homes located in mild climates.

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