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Spooky HVAC Stories

While the Halloween season can bring along many tasty treats and exciting costumes, it can also stir up uneasy feelings. As a homeowner, sometimes, your home seems to act weird. Fortunately, with the help of your local HVAC professional, you'll be able to discover the real problem and get it fixed quickly.

The Creaking Door

In any scary movie, a door would creak open or shut. This happening usually signifies that a killer is getting ready to act. When this instance happens when you're in the comfort of your home, it's a whole new level of scary. But, before you run out screaming, realize that pressure imbalances in your HVAC system can lead to unwanted air drafts. These drafts can move a door that is not properly shut. Calling in your local HVAC repairman can help you to fix the pressure imbalance.

Screeching And Squealing Noises

We all know that houses have creaks. However, when you hear a loud squeal or screech, it can send shivers down your spine. Some homeowners may even experience loud wailing or banging sounds. These noises are simply an indication that something is amiss with your HVAC system. It could be a problem with your belt or motor bearings that are worn down. Or, you may need to have your noisy motor lubricated. Whatever the situation, one of our HVAC professionals can assist you.

The Freezer Room

It's not uncommon for homeowners to discover that a particular room in their home is extremely cold even though their HVAC system's temperature is set high. Many will blame it on some spooky, unseen madness like a ghost. But, the truth is that you likely have one of a few problems with your HVAC system. Calling in an expert can assist you in identifying just what the problem is. Some of the most common culprits that can cause one room of your house to become too frigid include dirty vents, inadequate HVAC system size for your home's total square footage, and leaky air ducts.

Call Us Today

When you're experiencing a spooky issue with your home, it's not likely a ghost. Instead, there are reasonable explanations, like the ones outlined above. If you're currently experiencing a freezing room, weird noises, or creaking door syndrome, it's time to pick up the phone and give us a call. One of our highly experienced HVAC experts can evaluate your spooky problem and remedy it, so you and your family can save your shivers for those creepy Halloween movies.