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Is Dust More Common In The Winter?

Is Dust More Common In The Winter?

You may notice that during the winter months, your home seems dustier. Dust is more common during these cold winter months. It is not uncommon for you to dust, and then need to dust again a couple of days later.

What Causes Dust in The Winter?

When it is cold outside, the air will draw out moisture. Cold air will cause your skin to dry out faster. This leads to you shedding more dead skin cells. More dead skin cells mean more dust. If you have pets in your home, their dander will also be worse this time of year. Since both you and your pets stay indoors during the winter, this will build up more often. It will be more increased, depending on the number of people and pets in your home.

How to Reduce Winter Dust in Your Home

There are several things that you can do to reduce winter dust in your home. These things include:

  • Dusting and cleaning. You should dust each room at least once a week. Clean things like mattresses, upholstery, and drapes often.
  • Shelves and closets. Work to clean everything out in your closets, and on your shelves. These areas will attract dust. Make sure that you clean everything well before putting them back up.
  • Change your HVAC air filter. Your HVAC system has a filter that helps to trap dust. When the HVAC filter becomes clogged, it will not work as well. This can increase the dust in your home and can lead to issues with your HVAC system. You should be replacing the filter at least once a month. If your home is very dusty, you may want to consider replacing the air filter more often.
  • Moisturize. Using lotion and moisturizer on your skin can help to reduce the number of dead skin cells you lose.
  • Bathe and brush pets. Bathe and brush your pets often to help reduce pet dander.
  • Have your HVAC system inspected. Having your HVAC system inspected before winter can ensure good indoor air quality. In some cases, holes in your ductwork, or issues with your system can cause an increase of dust in your home.


If you deal with a lot of dust in the winter, you should call Robert Bair. We can come out to inspect your heating and cooling system. Our team of HVAC professionals is well experienced in air quality. Sometimes, issues with your ductwork can lead to increased dust. Also, having the right air filter will do wonders for your air quality. Our team of HVAC professionals will help to ensure that your air quality is excellent.