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4 Reasons Why Your HVAC Unit is Overheating

4 Reasons Why Your HVAC Unit is Overheating

Your HVAC unit is essential for comfort during the summer and winter. The air conditioner or furnace may overheat and trip the circuit breaker. As a result, the machine won't meet your heating or cooling needs. Your unit will continue tripping the circuit breaker until we fix the issue. Here are the reasons why the HVAC system is overheating.

1. Refrigerant Leak

The air conditioner should be an adequate refrigerant to cool your indoor space. Typically, the refrigerant gets rid of heat from the air, making it cool. Therefore, if it leaks, the amount reduces, causing a strain in the HVAC. Your unit will overwork to cool your home, leading to overheating. Instead of the AC emitting cold air, it will blow warm air. The highlight is that we can remedy the situation by repairing the leak and topping up the refrigerant levels.

2. Dirty Air Filter

An air filter traps particles such as dirt, dust, and pet dander in your home. With time, it gets clogged if you don't change or replace it. Thus, the unit will strain to try to cool or heat your home. You will notice that there is insufficient airflow in your residence. Air circulation in your home will become an issue due to clogged air filters. The HVAC system at the time was overworking, leading to overheating. In the end, the unit will trip the circuit breaker.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils

Another reason why your unit overheats is grimy condenser coils. The condenser works as an outdoor unit to cool your home. It collects heat inside your home and releases it to the outside. Condenser coils collect grime as time goes by, causing the system to overwork. The HVAC unit will have a hard time conditioning air leading to overheating. Dirt and debris accumulate on the coils and insulate them. They will struggle to ensure that your home attains fresh and cool air, causing overheating.

4. Rusty or Loose Electrical Connections

Loose electrical connections can cause your HVAC system to overheat. Corroded wires lead to a high or low voltage that contributes to overheating. Plus, aging wiring creates a short, which in turn causes overheating. Any electrical malfunction in the system is risky since it can start a fire. We can inspect the heating and cooling system's electrical components. Our experts will ensure that everything is working correctly to keep you safe at all times.

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