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Seasonal Tune-Up

HVAC Seasonal Tune-Up or Preventative Maintenance

Taking proper care of your HVAC system will ensure that it lasts its recommended lifespan and that your family will be comfortable in your home all year long. Both preventative maintenance and seasonal tune-ups are a necessary part of taking care of your system. Understanding the difference between the two is a must.

What Is An HVAC Seasonal Tune-Up?

When it comes to getting a seasonal tune-up, you'll need the help of a licensed HVAC professional. This is the biggest notated difference between a seasonal tune-up and preventative maintenance on your HVAC system. Here is a quick look at what your HVAC professional will do with your system during a seasonal tune-up:

  • Inspect Wiring, Capacitors, Contacts, And Relays
  • Clean Condensate Drain, Condenser, And Evaporator Coil
  • Lubricate Fan Motors And Blades
  • Check Compressor Amperage At Startup

What Is HVAC Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is considered the tasks that you complete as a homeowner for your HVAC system. These are completed with the intent of ensuring your system is working at its most optimal and extending its lifespan. Here are some of the things that are included in a homeowner's preventative maintenance tasks for their HVAC system:

  • Lube Shaft Bearings
  • Check For Oil Leaks, Noise, And Vibration
  • Inspect The Thermostat, Safety Controls, And Fan Motors
  • Service Electrical Heat Strips
  • How Often Should Each Be Completed?

Now, you should fully understand the difference between a seasonal tune-up and preventative maintenance. You'll also need to know how often each one of these essential tasks needs to be completed to keep your HVAC system functioning properly. The timeframe for each will highly depend on your specific HVAC system but we're going to give you some general guidelines to follow.

When it comes to seasonal tune-ups, you should be getting them completed twice per year. This means a tune-up for the air conditioning components of your HVAC system in the early spring. You'll also need a seasonal tune-up in the late fall for your heating components. Preventative maintenance should be performed at least once every month. This will ensure that you're able to catch any problems that develop early on so you can get them repaired by your local heating and cooling professional before they get worse.

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If it's time to schedule your seasonal tune-up, then be sure to give our office a call today. One of our skilled HVAC professionals will be able to come to your home and assess the condition of your HVAC system. They can even assist you in learning how to complete proper preventative maintenance so you know how to do so for the future.