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Hvac Leaks

How To Handle an HVAC System Leak

When you hear something leaking in your home, you will immediately assume it is a plumbing issue. But, it could have something to do with your HVAC system. Most heating and cooling systems are fluid based. They rely on liquid refrigerant to cool the system. These leaks are not easy to spot as they are a gas. But, your HVAC system can also leak water or oil. A small amount of water can drip, which is completely normal. If you have a large-scale problem, you should have an HVAC professional check this out.

Causes of HVAC System Leaks

If you notice oily or water residue around your unit, this can be a sign that your HVAC system has a leak somewhere. An oil leak can be a sign that your compressor is going on. If your system is leaking water, there could be an issue with the ventilation of condensed air. Leaking water can corrode your HVAC system. If you see any sign of leaks, you will want to call for a repair immediately.

Fixing The HVAC Problem

If you have a suspected leak, the technician will come out and check where leaks are most likely to happen. You can often fix leaks by silver soldering or oxyacetylene if the leak is refrigerant based. If there is an oil leak because of a bad compressor, we may recommend that you replace your system. This is especially true if you have an older system.

Preventing HVAC Problems

The best way to prevent future problems with your HVAC system is to have the system checked once a year. System maintenance is also critical to the function of your HVAC system. Remember to change the air filter and keep the indoor and outdoor unit as clean as possible. Having routine maintenance can help to address small issues and save you money.
It is also important to call an HVAC professional if you notice an increase in your utility bills. If you leave it alone, it can get worse, which can cause it to be a more extensive repair. A more extensive repair is a more expensive one.


At Robert Bair, we are here for all your heating and cooling needs. If have an issue with your HVAC system, please give us a call today. We can send one of our HVAC professionals out to your home to fix the issue. The quicker we can get out to get the issue fixed, the quicker you do not have to worry about issues with your system.