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Types of Boilers for Homes

Types of Boilers for Homes

When it comes to heating your home in the cold winter months, you likely rely on a boiler or furnace to get the job done. Boilers are uniquely designed to pipe hot water or steam throughout the pipes and radiators in a home. This produces warmth for the home's interior. Having a boiler in working order is essential in ensuring that your family stays comfortable this winter season.

Steam Boilers

Steam boilers work to create hot steam much like a kettle on your stove does. This steam is then piped throughout the pipes and radiators in a home. The heat is naturally felt from the steam traveling throughout the house, and pressure valves on the radiators work to release any excessive pressure buildup.

Hot Water Boilers

Hot water boilers are more common than steam boilers. In this type of system, hot water is piped throughout the heating system in your home. It works very similarly to that of the steam boiler system. However, hot water systems are usually used to create hot water to meet the household's hot water needs. Those with a hot water boiler typically won't need to invest in a water heater to get hot water in their home.

Standard Vs. High-Efficiency Systems

When you purchase a new boiler, you'll have the option between standard and high-efficiency systems. Standard systems are going to be the cheapest to buy. However, their operating costs will be more than the high-efficiency boiler systems. As a general rule of thumb, standard boiler systems operate at about 80 to 84 percent efficiency. On the other hand, high-efficiency systems operate at greater than 90 percent efficiency.

If you're a little confused about boiler efficiency, let us go a bit more in-depth. When your boiler is running, it's powered by fossil fuel. This will be different for each homeowner depending on their local fuels and costs. Most boilers are powered by natural gas, electricity, or oil. When the fuel is used to heat the boiler, some of it is lost in the natural process of conduction. High-efficiency boiler systems are specifically designed to trap the lost heat and direct it back into the system.

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Determining the right type of boiler system for your home is a big decision. Boilers are an expensive investment, and you want to make sure that you're choosing the best one to fit your needs. Simply give us a call today and let our expert staff assess your needs and recommend the right boiler system for you.