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A plumber checking plumbing systems in a home.

Do I Need To Test My Plumbing?

If you have had any type of work done on your slab foundation, or pier and beam foundation, you need a plumbing test. Be sure to schedule this as soon as possible. This will help to ensure that you do not have any leaks in your foundation. If you find out that you do have any issues, the plumber can offer immediate repairs.

Leak Dangers

Leaks can cause many different problems to your foundation. In fact, the leading cause of foundation issues is from water leaks. When the home becomes lifted and leveled, pipes can break. Even if there is only a small shift in the foundation, this can cause issues for the plumbing system.

In some cases, the plumbing could be leaking before you attempt any repair of the foundation. This could be for a wide variety of reasons. In fact, the plumbing issue could be what caused the foundation issue in the first place.

When water gets into the foundation, it can cause the foundation to rot. Once this rotting starts, you will need a complete repair. This is both very expensive and time-consuming. Having a hydrostatic plumbing test can ensure that leaks aren't ruining your foundation.

How Is A Hydrostatic Pressure Test Performed?

A licensed plumber should perform a hydrostatic pressure test to check for leaks. There are several steps that will take place. If it is not done the right way, it can cause issues with your plumbing system. The steps a plumber will take include:

  • Removing the toilet. The plumber will remove the toilet from the first floor of the house. Then, they will push an inflatable ball into the drainpipe. This ball will help to block the plumbing system.
  • Watching the water. The plumber will then watch water to see what the level does. If the water level does not change, there are no leaks in the system. If the water drops, there is a leak somewhere in the system.
  • Leak detection. If your plumber detects a leak, they will perform an isolation test to see where the leak is.
  • Repair. Once your plumber finds the leak, the plumber will let you know what they will need to do for the repair. Getting it repaired as soon as possible will help to ensure that you have no foundation issues.

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