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HVAC Differences

Difference Between HVAC and A/C Unit

Homeowners may not know the difference between air conditioning units and HVAC systems. The two are different, but many may not know why. It does not help that many contractors and builders will use one term to reference the other. There is a definite difference between the two systems.

What Is An HVAC Unit?

An HVAC unit handles both cooling and heating the air in your home. It also provides ventilation to allow any moisture from the humidity in your home to escape. The HVAC unit will encompass the furnace, air conditioning unit, and the ductwork.

What Is An Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioning unit, or AC system cools the air down in your home. You may hear a contractor calling the AC unit everything in the system. But the air conditioning unit is the only one that will cool your home. The system is there to heat the air, and pull moisture out will be the HVAC unit.

Taking Care Of Your Unit

Most people will have an HVAC system that has an air conditioning unit. It is imperative that you take care of the unit to ensure that it works for many years. Here are several ways that you should be taking care of your system.

  • Air filter. You should change the air filter on the HVAC unit every one to three months. Most people use a throw away filter that is easy to replace. If you want to be more efficient and save money, you may want to consider purchasing a washable filter.
  • Fixing repairs as soon as possible. If the air conditioner or furnace goes down, you will want to have it repaired immediately. Waiting to do repairs can cause bigger and more expensive issues.
  • Cleaning. You will want to keep both the indoor and outdoor unit of your HVAC system clean. Failing to do so could end up with you having serious problems with your system.
  • Getting routine maintenance. You should get routine maintenance for your HVAC system twice a year. In the spring, the air conditioning system should receive service. In the fall, the furnace should receive service. A licensed HVAC professional should always perform the service.

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At Robert Bair, we are happy to help you no matter if your furnace or air conditioning system is down. We will send an HVAC professional out to fix your system as soon as possible. We also offer maintenance agreements to keep your system running as it should.