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A sump pump in a basement being replaced.

What Can Cause A Sump Pump To Fail?

One of the most important pieces of your home’s plumbing system is your sump pump. If your sump pump fails, it can lead to flooding and water damage. Several things can cause a sump pump to fail. Recognizing these issues and calling a plumber to address the situation is vital. You want to prevent any flooding and water damage in your home.

Power Failure

One of the most common causes of sump pump failure is a power outage. You can prevent this by having a backup generator to run your sump pump. You will also want to consider getting a power surge protection device. This device can protect your sump pump from power surges.

Wrong-Sized Sump Pump

In some cases, your sump pump will not work if it is the wrong size for your home. A small sump pump is as effective as a big one. When the sump pump is too big for the plumbing system it can cause it to work harder, and fail. This can  shorten the lifespan of the pump. If the pump is too small, it will not pump out the water as it should. This can also shorten the lifespan of the unit and lead to flooding.

Improper Installation

It is important to install the sump pump according to the manufacturer's instructions. If it is not installed the correct way, this can cause severe water damage, and lead to the pump to fail. You should install check valves as well. This will help to ensure that the pump always works as it should.

Problems With the Switch

The most common mechanical problem of sump pumps is switch problems. This is usually caused by the pump shifting inside of the basin. When this happens, the float will be ineffective. If the switch has gone bad, the sump pump system will need an immediate repair by a plumber.

No Maintenance

It is imperative that you do maintenance on your pump system to reduce the chances that it fails. Most people suggest that you make sure to run the sump pump every two to three months. During this time, you will want to make sure that the pump is discharging water. You will also want to make sure that the float is not restricted. If there are any issues, you will want to call your local plumber for a plumbing repair.

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